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Did you know you could save 53% in initial margin by clearing now? Here's how...

Post-crisis regulations have and will continue to increase capital requirements, with over $2 trillion additional margin predicted to be posted by 2020 globally. This will radically change how your firm trades derivatives over the next 2 years, making it more costly and complicated:

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For every pension fund that trades derivatives bilaterally, the arrival of uncleared margin rules (UMR) in September 2019 and 2020 will make central clearing much more cost-effective.

Our latest analysis shows pension funds can save up to 53% in initial margin by choosing to clear voluntarily ahead of the introduction of UMR. This is a cost saving of 0.7 bps for a 10 year trade, which increases to 1.8bps for 30 year trade.

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We are used by 5 tier one banks and more than 20 buy-side firms across the globe

Unique coverage of the four rates CCPs, including EUREX and JSCC and SIMM

How you can save margin

Our Margin Solution allows asset managers – like you – to make better trading decisions by letting you:

Identify opportunities to reduce initial margin

An 18% reduction ($28.8m) is available by more efficiently allocating risk between brokers.

View the risk moves providing the largest IM reductions

The top recommendation to move 20Y exposure from CITI to GS results in a $15.3m IM reduction.

Act on it

Drill down to view existing trades that best fit the recommended risk move, and generate porting instructions in the CCP format.



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