Our Technology

with a consumer experience

We believe there’s a better way to provide enterprise technology – where the transparency and ease-of-use expected in everyday life meet the security and resilience required for business.

Our aim is to break the traditional vendor sales cycle, and let you make informed decisions with as much or as little input as you like. This is embodied in everything we do, from our open documentation, to the product tours on our website, and the ability to evaluate our services for yourself before you commit.


We understand the burden normally associated with systems integration, and have built our technology to remove this. We can source your data directly from your fund administrator, clearing broker, or internal systems, and we take responsibility for ensuring that everything works. With OpenGamma, you could be up and running in days, not months.

Our standards-based APIs, open documentation and open source SDK reflect our confidence and commitment to transparency, and mean any programmatic integration is as straightforward as possible.

Security from
the ground up


Data security is our primary concern, and OpenGamma has achieved the industry-standard SOC 2 Type 1 certification following independent auditing by Ernst & Young. This means we have demonstrated our ability to design and implement controls, policies, procedures and practices to protect the interests of our clients.

We practise defence in depth, with many layers of protection from infrastructure segregation to anomaly detection. Your data is protected with military-grade encryption both in transit and at rest, and you can own and control the key. Full audit logs ensure complete transparency about how and why your data was accessed.

Our services are hosted entirely in AWS, the most mature cloud provider that is trusted by financial services firms worldwide. If you’d like to find out more information on this subject, you can reach us at compliance@opengamma.com.

Instant scale

There’s cloud and then there’s cloud. We have engineered our software to take full advantage of the latest technologies, influencing everything from our architecture to the code we write.

Our systems are completely serverless, meaning we provide high availability across multiple data centres by default, our containers are never reused between multiple customers, and we don’t need to worry about unpatched servers or vulnerable binaries. It also means our services scale instantly to handle bursts of calculations at a level that would never be possible with legacy systems, and you are always using the latest version automatically.

Open source

Our services are powered by Strata, our award-winning open source market risk library. These powerful analytics have been independently validated in production worldwide and are downloaded thousands of times each month.

They are fast becoming a standard in the industry.