Allocate margin
and financing costs.

OpenGamma’s Allocate module allows firms to attribute the costs of capital and financing to strategies, desks and traders. With our unique model coverage, firms can assess margin financing costs across all asset classes. 

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Allocate margin and financing costs to business units, desks, strategies and traders.

Incentivise capital-efficient behaviours across the firm.

Fair and transparent methods for allocating margin using the same models used by CCPs, prime brokers and counterparties.


Allocate margin financing costs.

Rising interest rates are increasing the cost of financing margin and allocating
margin financing costs to desks and traders requires an allocation methodology
to compute the contribution of each desk and trader.


Charge fairly and

Allocating netting benefits to desks and traders requires fair and transparent allocation methodologies to ensure that the positions providing offsets with the rest of the portfolio are rewarded.


Allocate all of your

Allocate margin financing costs across all of your agreements, products and counterparties. OpenGamma offers unique model coverage to ensure that you can charge margin financing costs across all asset classes.

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