Forecast Future Margin Requirements.

OpenGamma’s Forecast module helps firms efficiently manage their future liquidity requirements over different time horizons and under a variety of market conditions. 

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Ensure you have sufficient liquidity to meet tomorrow’s margin calls.

Reduce projected liquidity requirements to increase return on capital.

Anticipate changes to margin rates to reduce financing costs.


Forecast next day
margin calls.

Anticipate tomorrow’s margin call by understanding how changes to market data and your portfolio will impact liquidity requirements. This allows Treasury teams to ensure sufficient liquidity is available to meet all margin calls, and avoid the cost of sourcing capital at short notice. 


Project future capital

Model cashflow requirements under a variety of market conditions. This allows senior management to understand future liquidity requirements and ensure that capital is allocated to optimise returns.


Anticipate margin rate changes.

As margin rates are updated by clearing houses, model the impact on
current positions, providing traders and treasurers with an updated view of
initial margin before changes come into effect.

Discover Capital Efficiency
for Derivatives