Reduce margin and financing costs.

OpenGamma’s Reduce module allows firms to reduce margin and financing costs by suggesting changes to current portfolios. Run millions of simulations to identify ways to reduce cost and review daily recommendations for execution.

Trusted by the world’s leading financial firms

Reduce capital requirements by up to 30% by identifying the most efficient products and strategies for the same level of risk.

Quantify the liquidity impact of moving positions between agreements.

Free up capital at short notice by finding capital-efficient new trades.


Daily optimisation

OpenGamma’s Reduce module runs millions of simulations everyday to identify inefficiencies in your portfolio, and presents recommendations that help reduce capital requirements.


Tailored recommendations
to each desk.

Define your own trading strategies - or use our recommended ones - and configure constraints to benefit from optimisation recommendations that can actually be executed. Our daily suggestions can be reviewed, edited and re-run on-demand to ensure they meet your requirements.


Seamless execution.

Leverage OpenGamma’s workflow capabilities to remove any friction in executing our recommendation.

Discover Capital Efficiency
for Derivatives