Stress Test Margin Requirements.

OpenGamma’s Stress Test module helps firms efficiently manage their liquidity requirements in stressed market conditions. OpenGamma models the risk factors that impact Initial and Variation Margin.

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Ensure you have sufficient liquidity to meet your margin calls in stressed markets.

Assess the impact of historical events on your cashflow.

Understand the sensitivity of your portfolio to margin risk factors.

Stress Test

Stress test your

Assess the impact of stress scenarios on initial and variation margin requirements. This allows Treasury teams to ensure sufficient liquidity is available to meet margin calls in all market conditions, and avoid the need to liquidate positions.

Stress Test

Replay historical

Understand how historical market events impact your current portfolio, and ensure you have sufficient liquidity available to withstand similar situations.

Stress Test

Understand market

Margin requirements are affected by changes in multiple market factors. Understanding how each of these factors impacts your liquidity requirements is critical to increasing the capital efficiency of your portfolio.

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