Simulate the impact of changes to your portfolio.

OpenGamma’s What-if module helps firms assess the impact of changes to capital requirements. Add, remove and edit positions to identify the cheapest option across exchanges and brokers.

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Anticipate the liquidity and cost impact of position changes in your portfolio.

Reduce financing costs by selecting the cheapest option across exchanges, products and counterparties.

Maximise available capacity by allocating trades optimally.


Model position changes.

Changes to your existing portfolio can lead to significant changes in margin requirements and financing costs. OpenGamma allows you to simulate the impact of adding, removing and editing positions - so you can assess the impact of new business, rolling or terminating positions.


Find the cheapest option.

Margin requirements and financing costs can vary greatly across products, exchanges and counterparties. Identifying the cheapest option for new business requires a simulation of all the possible alternatives.


Maximise your
available trading

Initial Margin limits can be a constraining factor for firms to put on new trades. OpenGamma allows firms to maximise their trading capacity by factoring limits and thresholds into their trade allocation process.

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for Derivatives