Comply with regulation
with confidence.

OpenGamma's Comply module allows firms to comply with Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR). Track legal entities that could be captured by regulation, and receive early warning alerts to optimise your portfolio.

Trusted by the world’s leading financial firms

Comply with all relevant regulations under UMR.

Lower your operational costs by using our end-to-end UMR solution.

Reduce funding costs by actively managing exposures and optimising your margin requirements.


Understand whether your firm is in-scope for UMR.

To comply with Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR), firms must first determine if they fall under the scope of the regulation. This involves calculating the Average Notional Amount (AANA), which our service does for each legal entity and offers monitoring of the thresholds over time for all jurisdictions.


Manage regulatory margin requirements.

Calculate margin requirements under UMR for both secured and pledgor agreements, connect to Acadiasoft or exchange margin calls over email and process collateral under third- or tri-party arrangements. OpenGamma is the only solution offering an end-to-end solution for UMR on a single platform, offering greater operational efficiencies and reducing vendor risk. 


Reduce your margin

Compare SIMM™ vs. Grid for your portfolios, stay under thresholds and identify margin reduction opportunities by moving positions across counterparties or between bilateral and cleared. 

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