Validate your margin requirements.

OpenGamma's Validate module enables firms to perform thorough reconciliation and validation of margin requirements and positions. 
Identify the reasons for discrepancy to challenge incorrect margin calls. 

Trusted by the world’s leading financial firms

Reduce collateral posted by identifying incorrect margin calls.

Reduce costs by validating financing charges daily.

Track the performance of your brokers and counterparties to improve service.



Our Validate module automatically downloads and normalises your position, margin and financing statements on a daily basis. This data is then validated using our proprietary analytics - allowing us to check that you are not being overcharged.


Automation through our

OpenGamma’s position, margin and financing reconciliations are fully integrated with our Process module, allowing our clients to automatically dispute incorrect statements. Our full integration with counterparties means that all of the communication can happen on our platform - avoiding the need for emails to increase operational efficiency.


Tracking your

By tracking the frequency and severity of discrepancies in counterparty margin and financing accuracy, firms can identify patterns of underperformance and engage in productive discussions with their counterparties. These discussions help improve transparency and ultimately lead to better counterparty performance.

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