Increase returns with our asset management treasury software.

Built for Asset Management Treasury and Operations teams, OpenGamma empowers you to control assets and increase returns, while meeting your regulatory requirements.

Trusted by the world’s leading financial firms

Adapt to new regulation with smart workflows, and say goodbye to outdated legacy systems.

Reduce risk to protect investor assets.

Increase efficiency to lower costs and identify opportunities to increase returns.

Increase Returns

Unlock the potential of your assets.

Optimize posted collateral

New regulation and market volatility has caused margin requirements to spike, resulting in more collateral being tied up. It’s now more important than ever to optimize these assets.

Expose opportunities for returns

Get tailored recommendations

What our customers say

"We're constantly on the lookout for the right technology to drive efficiencies. OpenGamma’s platform forms an important part of our overall approach to delivering operational efficiencies for derivatives for our clients."

Josh Ratner

Head of Operations

Reduce risk

Protect investor assets.


Reduce over-collateralization.

Over-collateralization is a missed opportunity and creates counterparty risk. OpenGamma gives more visibility and control over liquidity requirements.

Meet regulation while lowering cost.

Get full broker connectivity

Our platform aggregates, processes, and understands broad data sets, providing a single source of truth.

Leverage exception-based workflows

Downstream connectivity

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Increase returns with our asset management treasury software.