Broker reviews in 2019

26th July 2019

There are a number of reasons firms decide to carry out these type of reviews in the first place; many begin broker scorecarding in response to regulation, others are driven by internal governance and control. Whatever the reasons and objectives, in our experience, this area of fund management is extremely fragmented…

Comparing your brokers and their execution strategies can be incredibly insightful – and of immeasurable value to your business.

We reached out to our buy-side clients to learn more about the broker review landscape in 2019. Over two months we carried out face-to-face interviews with professionals from 22 buy-side firms, with a particular focus on why firms carry out broker reviews, current processes, challenges faced and plans for enhancement.

Our interactive research report highlights the key results and trends from our surveys – to give you a better gauge of where you fit into the market, and what else you can be doing to benefit your business that you may not have already considered.

What you can learn:

  • Understand the drivers behind broker reviews.
  • Learn how often other firms carry out reviews.
  • Understand how – and with who – firms perform their reviews.
  • Gain insight into what goes into reviews and how they work.
  • Find out what the future holds for reviews: how many firms plan on enhancing and how.

Download our interactive report, here >