Why OpenGamma Exist

Why we exist

New regulation is crippling the power of derivatives

We help financial firms lower trading costs in the post-2008 environment

10 years on from the global financial crisis, regulation is only hitting firms now.

The power of derivatives comes from leverage, but new regulation is creating huge capital increases. So, now firms are being forced to begin to post billions of capital at a time when returns are already under extreme pressure. Directly threatening financial firms’ existence. As a result, efficient use of capital is now essential for firms to keep using derivatives. To do this firms must use new analytics to reduce capital and remain successful.

“With the upcoming uncleared margin rules, we will be forced to recapitalise our business.”

– CEO of £10bn hedge fund

Why we’re unique:

  • Unique coverage
    Our CCP relationships provide unique model access, plus we have rare access to bank models.
  • Rare mix of thinkers
    Our developers are financial experts and our financial experts are developers – helping us bring together skills and knowledge from across the industry. 
  • Real-world experience
    Our people come from the same markets we create our analytics for. This means our products are designed from direct experience – with the specific end-users in mind.
  • Organic improvement
    With every new client, our unrivalled knowledge is enhanced, and the knowledge we share becomes more valuable – resulting in better insights for everyone who works with us.

Our history

Founded in 2009, the original OpenGamma business provided open source libraries for derivative analytics. Over the next 7 years we built unparalleled expertise in OTC and ETD margin methodologies and been at the cutting edge of market structure changes since.

In 2016 we built an entirely new Saas business, with the launch of OpenGamma Analytics, which is driving rapid business growth. Our teams in London, New York and Singapore bring together a unique mix of practitioner, quantitative and software engineering expertise.

Today, we are trusted by the largest and most sophisticated global banks, hedge funds, asset managers and pension funds, with thousands of users depending on our analytics every day.


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