Strata Wins Big at JavaOne 2016

19th April 2016

At the JavaOne 2016 conference in San Francisco, Strata, the open source market risk library from OpenGamma, won the 2016 Duke’s Choice Award. This recognises the quality of the software, the open source nature and how it makes best use of Java SE 8. I attended JavaOne to collect the award on a cool and breezy evening in Duke’s Cafe:

Award presented by Georges Saab, Vice President, Software Development, Java Platform Group at Oracle (Centre) and Sharat Chander, Director, Java Product Management & Developer Relations (Left)

It was great to be back at JavaOne after a three year gap, with the award as a real bonus. I also gave a talk on code generating mutable and immutable beans, with slides available. There was lots of talk about Java 9, modularity and future changes to the language for local variable type inference and data classes (potentially removing the need for code generators).

Now I’m back in the UK, it is time to finish up the loose ends and release v1.1 of Strata, with lots of enhancements. That way we can keep the award-winning momentum going for everyone who needs a transparent, high quality, easy-to-use library for valuation and market risk.