Smart Treasury workflows, powered by analytics.

Transform Treasury into a profit centre with OpenGamma — the first platform that puts your data, workflows, and analytics in one place.

Active treasury management — redefined
  • Increase returns by identifying margin and financing cost reduction opportunities.
  • Manage the risks inherent to your existing processes and systems, adapt to new regulations, and increase control.
  • Increase operational efficiency, seize opportunities for return, and drive continued growth.
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The world's leading financial firms increase returns with OpenGamma's treasury management solution.

Adding a competitive edge


Leading Buyside Clients


Initial margin managed

Up to 80bps

Additional return


All your data in one place, for the first time.

Our platform aggregates, processes, and understands broad data sets — connecting to counterparties, clearing, and prime brokers — across workflows and asset classes, creating a dynamic view of your data.

Drive returns with smart workflows.

Seize the opportunities exposed by OpenGamma’s analytics with seamless workflows and automations. Manage your assets, make better decisions, and deliver higher returns.

Sophisticated margin replication

Hundreds of margin models power our workflows.

Independent balances reconciliation

Reconcile bilateral, cleared, PB, and custody balances.

Daily reinvestment recommendations

Get optimized recommendations constrained by reinvestment portfolio policy.

Financing and stock borrow optimisation

Access a proprietary accrual engine for independent reconciliation and benchmarking.

Straight-through call processing

Run exception-based processing of daily margin calls.

Automated dispute management

Save time as all dispute communication with counterparties is fully managed through the platform.

FX exposure management

Receive daily recommendations for the optimal management of local currency balances.

Smart collateral instructions

Get intelligent collateral instructions driven by rules-based algorithms.


Identify new opportunities with powerful analytics.

Embed optimization analytics at every step, understand available options, model thousands of outcomes, and discover the most capital efficient route — all within one platform.
What If

Enjoy on-demand, pre-trade portfolio optimisation.

What our customers say

"We're constantly on the lookout for the right technology to drive efficiencies. OpenGamma’s platform forms an important part of our overall approach to delivering operational efficiencies for derivatives for our clients."

Josh Ratner

Head of Operations

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